Spreading the love of the bud,
one event at a time
 Melody Hassan is an event planner based ​​
in ​​Toronto, Ontario with over eight years
in the hospitality industry. ​​

While connecting with Women Grow
Toronto Chairwoman, Antuanette Gomez,
she has planned events for the group
since November 2017.

She is currently developing her own
event company and will be bringing a
Canadian-based Women's group (TBA)
to Toronto in Summer 2018! 

Why Cannabis Based Events?
Upon experiencing positive mental and
physical benefits of cannabis, she developed
a passion to educate the community
through events.

"There is a of stigma that comes with
smoking cannabis especially with women.
The reason why I created this company
is to provide a safe space for our community 
to learn about cannabis, meet new people
and more importantly having fun!"